The Estate

Discover the place and the history of Tenuta Colpaola

You can perceive passion in every corner of Tenuta Colpaola.

Passion for Verdicchio and for the territory which makes it unique: Matelica and Marche region. The estate is perched on the hills below San Vicino Mountain, at 650 meters above s.l., in the village of Braccano.

This special location allows to produce one of the finest types of Verdicchio di Matelica.

The villa standing in the middle of Tenuta Colpaola encompasses half a century of history and local pride.

Until 2003 it was owned by Marcello Boldrini. He was Enrico Mattei's successor to the presidency of ENI until 1967.

Nowadays the property belongs to Porcarelli family. 
In 2007 Stefania and Francesco  planted the first vines and fullfilled their dream of living in a vineyard.

Further information

In the second half of the past century the Estate was purchased by a famous character, Professor Marcello Boldrini, born in Matelica and later living in Milan. He was Professor of prime statistics and president of Bocconi university.

Little known to the general public, but big protagonist of the great economic-industrial epic of the Italian postwar period by the state-owned companies that were headed by Eni. The latter was led by the great Enrico Mattei of whom Boldrini was a very close collaborator and inspiration as well as his successor to the presidency.

Icona Tenuta ColpaolaThe engraving, belonging to a paleochristian gravestone in Palazzo Piersanti in Matelica, is one of the most popular symbols of Christianity.

Originally used in funerals and later widespread among ancient Mediterranean peoples over the time, its function has maintained the propitiatory and benevolent sense of good hospitality.
Years of Experience
Meters above sea level

The Property

The relationship between Tenuta Colpaola and Porcarelli family is a story involving three entire generations.


The Origin

The bond goes back ago to 50 years.
Francesco tells that everything started in the late '60s, when his grandfather firstly started managing rental property of Tenuta Colpaola and he was captured by the charm of the place perched below San Vicino Mountain. 

In the late 70s it was the turn of Piero's father who managed the property. In such rich and genuine environment Francesco lived the best moments of his childhood.
When Boldrini family eventually decided to sell the property, Francesco and his wife Stefania decided to buy it and, since that moment, the present story began and it has as main character Verdicchio.

Our Team


After a lifetime of accounting (she was a banker), she decides to turn her passion into her job.

So here is the change of life putting her in charge of the company.  

Today she runs the business with innovation, iniciative and elegance.

A strong woman, always ready to take up new projects.

Stefania Peppoloni
Stefania Peppoloni Co-owner / Managing Director
Strength: She fully commits herself in everything she does
Weakness: She often thinks to be a party planner, until Francesco steps in...
Francesco Porcarelli
Francesco PorcarelliCo-Owner
Strength: Stefania's husband
Weakness: None (we are flatterers, aren't we?!)


The boss par excellence. 
He watches us from afar. 

He is often out of the company since in his daily life he does a different job. However, if needed he's always around.

The greatest truth he's always preaching is that everyone is the architect of his own fate. 


In youth she was often spaced out, but she later decided to become a pragmatic one by day and an eclectic one in her free time.  

She's definitely not shy, she's actually a smooth talker who is able to get you to confess what she wants to know in the blink of an eye. 

Laura<br />Migliorelli
Export Manager
Strength: Always smiling
Weakness: Imperfect perfectionist

Aroldo Bellelli
Aroldo BellelliEnologist
Strength: He always says what he thinks
Weakness: He always says what he thinks


Our technical-enologist.

As he's always preaching: wine is made in the vineyard...and it has to be the expression of the territory in which grape has been cultivated.

A man of honor, very stuck to his principles.
An excellent collaborator and a great friend.  


The jolly of the company. He can switch from storekeeper to grape picker in no time. 

If you are looking for him, you will find him behind some bottles of wine or pruning vines. 

If necessary, he can also turn into a bodyguard during our events! 

Jarek<br />Zywert
Strength: Always helpful
Weakness: Picturesque Italian accent

Visit the Estate

We cannot simply call it visit, we like to call it "Experience" instead.
Three tasting tours that make the visitor dive into the most authentic and intimate soul of Tenuta Colpaola. The same such soul is the one the visitor can taste in our wine.

Choose and book the experience you prefer, we are waiting for you in the Estate for this magic journey together.



3 types of wine
3 Wine tasting

  • A sensory experience to the discovery of our wine types currently on the market. Enjoy with us our Verdicchio di Matelica doc, our Marche Rosso Igt, our high quality sparkling Charmat Lungo.

    Each wine tasting will be served with some local delicacies. Not only a wine tasting, but also the discovery of an authentic lifesyle.


4 types of wine
4 Wine tasting

  • Follow us to the discovery 4 historic years. A journey back in time from where you will come out with only one certainty: Verdicchio, this special vineyard, actually behaves like a red wine. The older it gets, the more it will amaze you.

    Each tasting will be served with succulent combination of food.


5 types of wine
5 Wine tasting

  • In our future you can choose 5 wine types from our proposal that most tickle your curiosity.

    In this time frame we will surprise you with some unusual combinations for our mountains, indeed we will reach the sea.
Visits last 90 minutes


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